September 1, 2018

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The Microsoft Cognitive Services Resource Cheat Sheet

The Microsoft Cognitive Services Resource Cheat Sheet

In the “jungle” of documentation and resources on the internet nowadays, it’s tough to keep the overview and know where to look for in order to seek new information about certain topics. Microsoft is now trying to unify the documentation across their products in order to have 1 place to go for. But until that is fully established, we need to conduct multiple resources. To overcome this issue in the field of the Azure Bot Service, I already released a resource cheat sheet in order to have all important sources in your pocket. Now I did the same thing for Microsoft’s Cognitive Services, in order to help you find the information you need quicker, get yours here:

You can also use the link list provided below:

The full image can be downloaded here: Microsoft Cognitive Services Resource Cheat Sheet

Feel free to use it for internal use in your presentations or documents. The only point I ask you to do is to credit me and link this article to your documents where you use it. Please do not sell this as your own 😉

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