Stephan is working at SOLVION , based in Graz (Austria) as a technical lead, with the focus on Conversational AI mainly, but he is also dealing with Microsoft 365 and, of course, Azure. As his passion, is the Conversational AI Platform and the complete Microsoft Bot & Cognitive Services ecosystem. This is why he tries to put as much intelligence in form of Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Services into business applications like Micr osoft Teams and others to make them even better and smarter. As his passion for the cloud developed he started to think about creating a blog sharing his ideas and findings with you guys. Since April 2018, Stephan is also awarded as a Microsoft MVP for Artifical Intelligence & Microsoft 365 Development , due to his contributions in this specific area and doing a lot of community work in these categories (speaking, blogging, …). Stephan is also along with a few other great MVPs “founder” of the BotBuilder Community which is a community initiative supported by the Microsoft Bot Framework team to enhance the Bot Framework SDKs and tools out there with even more functionality. Furthermore, Stephan along with some friends founded an initiative called SelectedTech to talk about interesting tech topics around Microsoft 365 and AI which are recorded and made publicly available to spread the word about those tools and services.

In 2019 Stephan also co-authored a book about Microsoft AI which can be ordered via Amazon here .