July 10, 2018

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QnAMaker.ai Cheat Sheet

QnAMaker.ai Cheat Sheet

“Copy, paste… Bot!" - This is the slogan of the QnAMaker.ai service, which is one of the Cognitive Services in the knowledge category. This service offers a very easy-to-use toolset for creating, populating and publishing knowledgebases for FAQs which can be consumed by the Azure Bot Service very easy to build smart QnA Bots in a very short period of time.

As the creation of such a QnAMaker knowledgebase is straightforward, the following infographic should help illustrate the process of creating, populating, testing and publishing a KB through the QnAMaker service.

From FAQ to Bot in minutes. Build, train and publish a simple question and answer bot based on FAQ URLs, structured documents, product manuals or editorial content in minutes

The full image can be downloaded here: QnAMaker.ai Cheatsheet

Feel free to use it for internal use in your presentations or documents. The only point I ask you to do is to credit me and link this article to your documents where you use it. Please do not sell this as your own 😉

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