Microsoft Teams ♥ Microsoft Stream

With the GA announcement of Microsoft Stream yesterday, I thought of using it in a very cool and modern way. My idea was to create an interactive video platform within my Teams service. So let’s hit it and configure Stream and Teams in a way to watch Stream videos within your Teams client and build up a modern video streaming platform.

First of all you need to create a new Stream channel. So I went over to my Stream app in the app launcher of my O365 tenant an created a new channel there, like the following:


You can enter whatever you like. When you’re done hit create and wait for the channel to be created. After that you can start uploading your favourite videos. I chose some Azure Friday episodes as these are quite interesting for me.


So when you’re done uploading videos you can go over to your Teams client. I created a new channel in my team which should be used for the videos. After that I added a new tab in that channel and select the Stream service:


So you will need to enter a name for that tab and the URL of your stream channel:


When you save that, you will see all of your uploaded videos from the Stream channel:


Now you are done configuring the client and you can grab your popcorn bag and start watching videos within your Teams client, isn’t that a cool thing?


Happy watching! ;)