How to create an Office365 alert in Microsoft Teams in less than 10 minutes

As I played around with Microsoft Flow and Teams I had the idea of creating a channel with news on Office 365. So I created a Teams channel and started creating a Flow, which was pretty easy. And as I was finished and I started the flow, the Teams channel which should show me tweets with the hashtag #Office365, soon was overfilled with tweets about Office 365 in all kinds of languages. So I thought of creating a Flow, which should filter out all other languages than English, as most useful tweets are posted in English (but as you might guess you can adapt my solution and use any language, which supported by Azure Cognitive Services). Therefore, I created a new Azure Cognitive Service in my Azure Subscription as the following graphic shows.


Now you need to note your Cognitive Service name and key from the Azure Portal and head over to the Flow portal, where you create a new Flow as follows.


And this is basically it. Now hit Done and you are ready to look your Teams Channel. I tested it myself and i I have to admit although it’s still in preview (the language detection) it works pretty good, take a look:


I will further play around with these services in order to deliver an even better solution and I will try to combine new services soon, so stay tuned for updates…