Azure Cloud Shell released - first thoughts and previews

This was one of my most awaited features, which should be unveiled at the Build2017 - the Azure Cloud Shell. And now, only a couple of hours later, it’s already here and can be used do to cool stuff within the Azure portal in your favourite internet browser. To start it, simply click on the PowerShell-like icon on the upper right corner and you’ll see the following:


Now, you only need to select your subscription, where the according storage account and file share will be created. This enables you to persist your $Home directory in order to use it session-independently, which is pretty cool. This let’s you work with the same environment everywhere and everytime - the only thing you need from now on is a browser and nothing else. After you have selected it, you have to wat for the initialization to be finished and…


… now you can run your commands from the Azure CLI and Linux based commands in your Azure Cloud Shell, like listing your VMs:


For a full list of Azure CLI commands, you can take a look at . But what’s even cooler is this - Create a resource group:


And create your first VM within the Azure Cloud Shell:


But that’s not all, because you can even connect to that VM via SSH within the same Shell:


So this is just awesome, as you do not need any local resources other than a browser in the future. And what’s even cooler is that PowerShell support in the Azure Cloud Shell is coming too:


So stay tuned for more to come, as I will keep you up to date on any new features in the Cloud Shell and I will also give you some ideas, which cool and helpful things can be done with this awesome tool…