A guide on simplifications for O365 admins - part I - Chrome profiles

In my career as an O365 consultant, I always had the challenge of login successfully to the different O365 tenants from our customers. As we have quite many O365 customers by now it’s not that easy to remember all the passwords (but therefore we have a password management solution) but also to open a new private browsing session for the customer in order to login and don’t get redirected to our ADFS, where I get authenticated via SSO. And that could be a real nightmare, when you try to open up your favourite browser and try to access the O365 portal with different credentials than your primary work account. The only escape for this problem is to open a private or incognito session and type in username and password everytime. But not anymore!

Luckily a colleague of mine told me a trick on how to overcome this issue. The answer to the problem is custom Chrome profiles.

This is not a big deal to establish. The only thing you need to do is to click on your Google account in the upper right corner of your Chrome window.


After that you have the option to manage people, which allows you to add a person.



Now you only need to enter a name for that person, set your starting pages (like https://portal.office.com and https://portal.azure.com ) and login to that pages, save your credentials and click “keep me signed in”.

Now, when you start your machine the next time and, you can simply click on the chrome profile, which you want to use and voila, your credentials are saved and you don’t need to copy/paste username and password anymore.

So that was the first part of a series on simplifactions for O365 admins, stay tuned for the next guide!