May 22, 2018

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New Bot Builder Tools [Infographic]

New Bot Builder Tools [Infographic]

A couple of weeks ago at the Microsoft Build conference (see this post for details on the announcements concerning AI), there were some cool new tools for the Bot Builder announced. These tools are already in preview and can be downloaded here.

The following table should give an overview of the new tools released:

Tool Description
Chatdown Prototype mock conversations in markdown and convert the markdown to transcripts you can load and view in the new V4 Bot Framework Emulator
MSBot Create and manage connected services in your bot configuration file
LUDown Build LUIS language understanding models using markdown filese
LUIS Build LUIS language understanding models using markdown files
QnAMaker Create and manage Knowledge Bases
Dispatch Build language models allowing you to dispatch between disparate components (such as QnA, LUIS and custom code)
LUISGen Autogenerate backing C#/Typescript classes for your LUIS intents and entities

In order to visualize the tools and use cases you can use the following infographic which should explain these new tools and features a bit better by visualizing them:

Feel free to use it for internal use in your presentations or documents. The only point I ask you to do is to credit me and link this article to your documents where you use it. Please do not sell this as your own 😉

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