Ignite 2019 News on the Conversational AI Platform

Each year Microsoft is inviting intersted people from all over the globe to a big show, called Microsoft Ignite , where nearly 30.000 (you read correctly THIRTY THOUSAND) people gather together to see what’s new for the various products and services Microsoft is offering. Me as a Conversational AI guy, I’m quite excited on the news and announcements they’ll share at the event, but du to the fact, there the amount of news is that big, one has a hard time following all the necessary news and announcements at a glance. That’s why I compose a blog post tackling the various areas of Conversational AI in order to provide a comprehensive list of news and further links, to look through in order to dive into certain things being announced.

Bot Framework

Here is the list of all news and announcements concering the Bot Framework:

Bot Framework SDK

Bot Framework Composer (Preview)

So this is where I not only want to add a bullet list of links, but I actually want to share my thoughts on that briefly (and I will for sure follow-up with one or more posts on that solution). Bot Framework Composer is a game changer in my eyes in the field of creating/developing bots, as it gives you the ability to sketch out and compose the whole bot (along with the dialogs and all that good stuff) within a visual interface instead of writing actual code. And the cool thing about that is, when you are done modeling your dialogs and the whole conversation(s) you can actually use Composer to create the bot solution’s code and run it immediately to test it in the emulator or deploy it to Azure using the CLI for example, still without writing a single line of code. So if you are building bots (no matter if you are a developer or IT Pro or citizen developer or business user or whatever other role you have) you should definetly check out this really awesome tool as this will be making your life even more easier in terms of building smart and engaging bots with ease. So if you want to learn more, just take a look at this link and give it a go…

Azure Bot Service

Bot Framework Solutions

Bot Framework Web Chat (GA)

Bot Framework CLI (GA)

Cognitive Services

Here is the list of all news and announcements concering the Cognitive Services:

Language Understanding

QnA Maker

Must-See On-Demand Sessions