November 6, 2018

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End-to-End Bot Development Workflow Infographic

End-to-End Bot Development Workflow Infographic

Developing bots can be a lot of work for those of you, who may not know which tools Microsoft offers for the various bot development stages. Fortunately, Microsoft released an article which contains the various tools for the following phases in your end-to-end bot development workflow. The following phases need to be gone through combined with the correct toolset supporting your successful bot development project:

  • Plan
  • Build
    • Use Ludown to bootstrap Language Understanding
    • Use MSBot to keep track of service references
    • Use LUIS CLI to create and manage LUIS applications
    • Use QnA Maker CLI to create QnA Maker knowledgebases
    • Use Dispatch CLI to create your own dipsatch models
  • Test
  • Publish
    • Use the Azure CLI to create, download and publish your locally built bots to the Azure Bot Service
  • Connect
    • Use the Azure CLI to connect your bot to the various Azure Bot Service channels
  • Evaluate
    • Use the Azure Portal to improve the bot’s capabilities and performance
    • Use Application Insights to gain conversation-level reporting on user, message and channel data

The full image can be downloaded here: End-to-End Bot Development Workflow

Feel free to use it for internal use in your presentations or documents. The only point I ask you to do is to credit me and link this article to your documents where you use it. Please do not sell this as your own 😉

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