May 26, 2021

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Conversational AI updates from MSBuild 2021

Conversational AI updates from MSBuild 2021


Microsoft Bot Framework

In this section you’ll find the list of all updates related to the Microsoft Bot Framework (check out the official blog post on all the updates from here):

Bot Framework Composer

  • Bot Framework Composer 2.0 is GA
  • Bot Framework Composer 2.0 introduces new templates (both in C# & Node (Preview)):
    • Empty Bot
    • Core Bot with Language
    • Core Bot with QnA Maker
    • Core Assistant Bot
    • Enterprise Assistant Bot
    • Enterprise Calendar Bot
    • Enterprise People Bot
  • Bot Framework Components are now available as a package management solution in Composer:
  • Publishing to Azure has been made easier
    • The publishing process of your Composer built bots is getting a lot easier with the release of the integrated resource provisioning and publishing:
  • New interaction types like speech and cards available in Composer to ease the authoring of text & voice bots by having a rich authoring experience including SSML:
  • New Adaptive Runtime for all Bot Framework bots (Composer & SDK) which encapsulates many capabilities like multilingual support or access to Cognitive Services available
  • Power Virtual Agent integration in Bot Framework Composer is now GA
  • Consuming and developing skills in Composer has been improved and simplified

Conversational AI Platform

Azure Bot Service

  • Azure Bot Service Telephony Channel in preview
  • Azure Monitor support in Azure Bot Service
  • Customer Managed Encryption Keys available in Azure Bot Service

Azure Cognitive Services


Conversational AI sessions from Build

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