October 10, 2017

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Cognitive Services and Bot Framework Visio Stencils

Cognitive Services and Bot Framework Visio Stencils

During the work on my first infographic on Cognitive Services I had a hard time to get the right icons for all Cognitive Services and APIs as I used Visio to create it and there were no stencils for these services. So I decided to go with the icons, Sandro Pereira created, which are totally awesome, but unfortunately, there are some service icons missing. So I had to create the missing icons on my own in Visio, which resulted in a huge amount of working hours to get this done.

So I thought of creating a stencil set for all AI services and applications in the Microsoft AI ecosystem which I can use for all my future infographics. And as I’m probably not the only one who will need those icons to create awesome Visio graphics, I want to share those stencils with you all!

So if you want to use them, please download the Visio stencils in my TechNet Gallery and create awesome graphics. To give you a quick glimpse of what you can expect from my stencils, the following image shows the current stencils and shapes for the various categories:

Azure AI stencils (Cognitve Services & Bot Framework) Azure AI stencils (Cognitive Services & Bot Framework)

If you have any questions about the stencils or if you have improvement suggestions, please contact me via Twitter, email or any other social media channel as I would love to hear your feedback. Stay tuned for the next updated version of my stencil set which will include more awesome icons and shapes.

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