ADFS 2016 idpinitiatedsignon page is missing - Solved

Many of you guys will probably know the ADFS page, which can be used to test the authentication. Most of the time this page is used after the installation of an ADFS farm or in error cases. With the introduction of ADFS on Windows Server 2016, many of us may have encountered the problem, which is shown in the following screenshot when browsing to the URL after the successful installation of a new ADFS farm:


Ooops something went wrong. But is my ADFS farm installation missing a piece? Well, kind of! If you encounter this, then run the following PS command:

Get-AdfsProperties | select EnableIdPInitiatedSignonPage

Most probably you will see this result:


So the problem is that this page is disabled by default. So let’s change this by running the following command:

Set-AdfsProperties -EnableIdPInitiatedSignonPage $true


Now you can browse to your InitiatedSignon page and you will be able to login and check if everything is working as expected! Happy ADFSing ;)