Azure mobile portal - a sneak peak

At the Microsoft Build 2017 there were a lot of new features announced. One, which was quite innovative was the release of the Azure Mobile Portal. With this app it’s now possible to manage your Azure resources (and I mean all your Azure resources) from your smartphone or tablet via an app. So here are my first tests with the new mobile portal app.

So after starting the app and selecting your subscription, you can browse all your Azure resources, which have been created in that subscription and click on each of them to get the details:


You can also filter the resources by category, for example by virtual machines:


So now let’s browse into a VM’s details and see what we can do:


And this is pretty cool, because at the bottom you can start and stop the VM, but you can even connect to it via RDP, so let’s do this.


When it’s started, we’ll connect to it:


Et voila, the app store opens in order to download the Microsoft RDP app:



And after downloading the app, you can RDP into your Azure VMs from the Azure mobile portal app straight away - pretty awesome!

But wait, there is an important note about stopping the VM via the mobile portal app. If you click on stop, the VM gets only stopped, but not deallocated, which means, that you still get charged for the VM:


So be careful, when managing your VMs from the mobile portal app. For the moment you need to stop it via the Azure portal, in order to avoid unnecessary charges guys…

Stay tuned for more helpful information about the Azure mobile portal, because there is more to come, look here: